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To commemorate the release of the "Blue Giant" movie, the manga full -volume dot com limited benefits appeared! Come on to the benefits that can only be obtained here! !

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BLUE GIANT Storage BOX set
Movie release commemoration!
Cartoon Full -volume dot com limited storage BOX set
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To commemorate the release of the movie, the manga full -volume dot com limited benefits appeared!
Come on to the benefits that can only be obtained here! !

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The day I knew jazz
From friends who are interested in "jazz"
At a coffee shop that was invited
Jazz suggestsBigbigteeth…
Start practicing saxophone on the riverbank
While being teased by classmates
Even if you feel the limit of the basket that has been continued for 6 years
Everything looks jazz
Even the landscape of the riverbank
"How can I become a jazz player!?"
The big one is straight enough to the musical instrument shop owner.
The sound of a large saxophone
Very big and intense
As much as it is said
There was a person who tried that sound
There is no doubt that this was a turning point for the big
At the end of the volume, there is a scene where the characters talk about memories.
What is going on now?
Somehow it is transmitted by the conversation
It fuels expectations.
How did you get there!
I want people who don't know jazz to read it!


Whole volume setBlue Giant

Shinichi Ishizuka of "Mt.", whole body work !! Miyamoto Dai, a third -year high school student who was struck by jazz, continues to blow saxophone in Kawahara. Every day, every day, every day, on rainy days and intense hot days. "Become the world's best jazz player ... !!" Effort, talent, belief, environment, luck ... what do you need? The story that sincerely faces from the front starts in Sendai and Hirose River to the reckless goal.

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Whole volume setBLUE GIANT SUPREME

Miyamoto University, who can't stop, goes to Europe alone. It was Munich, Germany. He has no legends or acquaintances, no German, and has a strong tenor saxophone and strong aspirations. "Become the world's best jazz player ... !!" Does the loud sound sound in Europe?

All -rolled e -book set All -rolled paper book set

Whole volume setBlue Giant Explorer

The stage is to the sacred place of jazz! "Become the world's best jazz player" Miyamoto University has obtained a driver's license in Japan and travels to the United States with only tenor saxophone. What jumped into that ear Information that the former friends, snow prayer, are also in the United States ---- The land where the large descend is Seattle on the West Coast. Know the national city, land and people, and make new sounds A large experimental adventure begins to create ... !!

All -rolled e -book set All -rolled paper book set

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Limited publishing with CD"BLUE GIANT LIVE SELECTION"

"BLUE GIANT" is featured in various media and has many celebrity fans. This book can be more enjoyable to the heat of "Blue Giant" by reproducing the recording of the famous live scene that remains in the history of manga from all 10 volumes in a large size at the time of publication in magazines. ・ 8 pages of manga drawn depicting the day of discharge of snow prayer that is not drawn in the main story ・ The name (draft) that will be released for the first time in this book and the secret story of the production that Shinichi Ishizuka talks about ・ Special dialogue between Shinichi Ishizuka and jazz of universal music.

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Shinichi Ishizuka"Mt."

Shinichi Ishizuka is a super hot topic in the "BLUE GIANT" series. He started publishing his success in a total of nine volumes as a "complete version" that reproduced the color page at the time of the magazine big comic original. An impressive mountain and rescue story that unfolds in the wilderness.

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Shinichi Ishizuka"TOKYOCHECKIN"

A so -called backpacker youth, traveling around the world. He was fascinated by meeting various people, touching various cultures, and experiencing unknown land, and his first year's schedule was in his fourth year. The reason I went on a journey was to change myself who couldn't do anything, even in the crowd in Tokyo, even if I saw the lonely foreign tourist standing alone in one hand in a guidebook ...

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