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【TOMIX】E231-1000系(上野東京ライン・ 国府津車両センター)基本セットA(6両)


TOMIX] [Scheduled to be released in November 2024] [Application period: Until May 29, 2024] [TOMIX] Series E231-1000 (Ueno Tokyo Line, Kokufujin Sharyo Center) Basic Set A (6 cars) [...Pre-Order]

TOMIX] [Scheduled to be released in November 2024] [Application period: Until May 29, 2024] [TOMIX] Series E231-1000 (Ueno Tokyo Line, Kokufujin Sharyo Center) Basic Set A (6 cars) [...Pre-Order]

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Contents Series E231-1000 KOKUBUTSU cars were introduced in 2004 for the Tokaido Line. The car was characterized by the promotion of universal design, including the installation of lamps when opening and closing the boarding and exiting doors, and the addition of through doors from the third train and onward as a fire prevention measure. In addition, the first double-decker green cars of the E231 series appeared, and green cars were introduced to the existing Oyama cars (for the Utsunomiya Line and Takasaki Line) at the same time. This irregular configuration is a feature unique to the Kofutsu cars. In 2021, the main equipment of the train will be renewed, and the train will also be remodeled to be compatible with platform doors. The car is currently in service on the Ueno Tokyo Line (Tokaido Line between Numazu and Tokyo, Utsunomiya Line between Tokyo and Utsunomiya, Takasaki Line between Omiya and Takasaki, and Ryomo Line between Takasaki and Maebashi) and Shonan Shinjuku Line (Zushi, Odawara, Maebashi and Utsunomiya). This product is a basic set including 6 cars (Cars 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, and 10). This product is a basic set containing 6 cars (cars 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, and 10), and can be combined with an additional set of (sold separately) to reproduce a 10-car train formation. The optional Basic Set B can be added to reproduce a full 15-car train formation. This product (Cars 1, 2, 9 and 10) are semi-cross seat cars (Cars 3 and 8) are long seat cars. Kuha E231, Kuha E230 and semi-cross-seat cars are newly produced. Toilet tank and water tank are reproduced in a new production Reproduce the underfloor after the renewal of the equipment for MOHA E231 and MOHA E230 type Side indicator lights have been installed Part of the notation has been printed. Semi-automatic button is reproduced by printing. Car number is selectable and comes with a transfer sheet Headlight is illuminated by white LED Front display is illuminated by white LEDs Head and tail lights and front display are equipped with ON-OFF switch Minimum radius of R490 can be passed through (S-shape linear cannot be used) Vehicles】 【Vehicles Kuha E231-8500 MOHA E231-3500 (M) MOHA E230-1500 MOHA E231-1500(M) MOHA E230-3500 MOHA E230-8000 Accessories Runner parts: Train radio antenna Runner Parts: Signal Flame Tube Runner Parts: Front Indicator Parts Runner Parts: Side Indicator Glass Runner Parts: Crew Door Handles Runner Parts: Underfloor Steps Runner Parts : Indicator removal hook Seals: Directional curtains, etc. Transfer sheets: car numbers, etc. Illustrations and photos shown on this page may differ from the product.

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