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Deadpool Kirastrayed/Deadpool Kills Deadpool

Deadpool Kirastrayed/Deadpool Kills Deadpool

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タグ ウィーヴ(ヴィレッジブックス) カレン・バン 未設定 漫画 画集・イラスト集・写真集 石川裕人

Publisher: Weave (Village Books)
Author: Karen Van, Hiroto Ishikawa
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Manga, art books, illustrations, photo books
Latest release date: 2015-10-30

Deadpool has destroyed Marvel Universe (including readers) to save the caterpillars suffering from the exploitation of the creator! Thus, peace must have returned to the world. But, however, you don't know where the exploitation of the character stops! Finally, Deadpool decides to bury the source of all stories. In other words, stabbing "Tom Sawyer's Adventure", "Wakakusa Monogatari" in "White Whale", "Frankenstein"! Now, the battle of Deadpool and Hyakusen Running will begin. ! Deadpool Kills Deadpool, which depicts Deadpool Killas Headed, depicting the dead pool -to -class novels, and the ultimate sumo wrestling of Deadpool vs. Deadpool. The second long -awaited "Kill" series that coupled two works, finally appeared!

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