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Kadokawa Manga Learning Series Japanese History 15 Volume

Kadokawa Manga Learning Series Japanese History 15 Volume

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タグ KADOKAWA/角川書店 児童書 山本博文 岩元健一 未設定
KADOKAWA 70th anniversary project
"Kadokawa Manga Learning Series Japanese History"Complete 15 Volume Set

2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and the 70th anniversary of KADOKAWA's founding. KADOKAWA was founded with the aim of"rebuilding Japanese culture through publishing"as Japan restarted after the war. Based on this ambition, we have published many books related to Japanese culture and education, such as dictionaries and textbooks. This"Kadokawa Manga Learning Series History of Japan"will be published in .

1. This is the cutting-edge"Tokyo University style"! Full of ingenuity to grasp the big flow of history. Before you read the main part of the historical manga, an illustration page that shows the characteristics of that era at a glance is included. Furthermore, it visualizes and explains in an easy-to-understand manner which part of the illustration shows the transition of the times. If you read manga based on the big flow, your understanding will be significantly different.

2. Lightweight! Uses a 6-size soft cover. On the other hand, although the format is small, the number of pages of manga has increased significantly from 145% to 184% compared to other companies.

3. Overly gorgeous illustration competition Katsuya Kondo from Studio Ghibli, Kannon Yoshizaki from"Sergeant Keroro", Takeshi Obata from"DEATH NOTE", etc. Realized cover illustrations by a gorgeous team of writers that would have been unthinkable in conventional educational manga. The gorgeous illustrations they draw are exactly the visuals that today's children want.

* The set with the first issue commemorative benefit has ended.

■ Product content Volume 1 The beginning of Japan Paleolithic ~ Jomon/Yayoi ~ Kofun period Volume 2 Asuka Imperial Court Asuka ~ Nara period Volume 3 Elegant Heian aristocrats Early Heian period Volume 4 Awakening of the samurai Late Heian period Volume 5 Now, Kamakura Kamakura period Volume 6 Two Imperial Courts Nanbokucho to Muromachi period Volume 7 Appearance of Sengoku daimyo End of Muromachi period to Sengoku period Volume 8 Battle for unification Azuchi-Momoyama period Volume 9 Edo Shogunate Early Edo Period Volume 10 Flower Blooming Townspeople Culture Late Edo Period Volume 11 Black Ships and the Opening of the Country Late Edo Period Volume 12 Meiji Restoration and New Government Early Meiji Period Volume 13 Road to Modern Nation Meiji Late Era Volume 14 Taisho Democracy Taisho Era to Early Showa Era Volume 15 War, and to the Present Day Showa Era to Heisei Era

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