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Tokyo Swastika Revengers (Volume 1-30 is the latest issue)

Tokyo Swastika Revengers (Volume 1-30 is the latest issue)

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タグ アニメ化 タイムリープ 和久井健 完結 実写映画化 少年漫画 成り上がり 漫画 講談社
This time, the defective is a time leap!? To save the beloved person, Damperfreeter Takemichi Hanagaki returns to junior high school and aims to be the top of the Kanto worst group !!
Takemichi Hanagaki learns in the news that her only her life, Hinata Tachibana, who had been dating in her junior high school, was killed by the villain coalition, Tokyo Swastika.
He lives in a thin rag part on the wall, and is a stupid manner from a 6 -year -old store manager at a part -time job. The ultimate is Dorte ... One day in the middle of such a bottom person, I live in junior high school 12 years ago !!
To save Hinata, to change the life of continuing to escape, Dame -Freet Takemichi aims to the top of the Kanto Bad Corps !!
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