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[Scheduled to be released in April 2024] [Application period: Until December 1, 2023] [Green Max] Hanshin 2000 series (2207 formation, after replacement) 6 -car train set (with power) [Reservation]

[Scheduled to be released in April 2024] [Application period: Until December 1, 2023] [Green Max] Hanshin 2000 series (2207 formation, after replacement) 6 -car train set (with power) [Reservation]

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Product Description The Hanshin 2000 series is a vehicle that remodeled the 7001 series (4 -car train) and the 7801 series (secondary car, 2 -car train) manufactured from 1970 to 1973.
With the fixing formation of the six cars, large -scale remodeling has been made to remodel the intermediate vehicle of the leading car, electric vehicles of accompanying cars, energy conservation of control methods, and maintain -free.
After that, one of the two pantographs mounted on the intermediate vehicle electric vehicle was removed, and the replacement of the connectors due to the mounting of the skirt and the interconnection with Kintetsu was performed.
With the appearance of the new model 1000 series, all vehicles retired at the end of June 2011.

Size N gauge
Standard equipment ■ After installing the skirt of the Hanshin 2000 series, reproduction of the conjunctor replaced by a surrounding child ceremony
■ The destination display can be selected from the attached sticker

■ Vehicle number and company emblem have been printed
■ A sticker (new production) is included. Includes the type destination display, priority seats, and weak cool cars
■ Train wireless antennas and fuse boxes have been installed
■ Train type selection device is installed
■ An integral sculpture expression is an integral
■ Headlight (light bulb color) and taillight lights up
■ Equipped with coreless motor power unit with flywheel
■ Implement long seat parts with car ends

* The specifications of the product may differ from the actual car.

JAN code: 4946950318603

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