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【グッドスマイルカンパニー】破邪大星ダンガイオー MODEROID ダンガイオー


[Scheduled to be released in December 2023] [Application period: Until August 4, 2023] [Good Smile Company] Bunka Dangaio Moderoid Dangaio [Reservation]

[Scheduled to be released in December 2023] [Application period: Until August 4, 2023] [Good Smile Company] Bunka Dangaio Moderoid Dangaio [Reservation]

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From the anime "Dan Great Stars Dangaio", the plastic kit of the giant robot "Dangaio (Impact)", which four superpower is piloted, will be resold!

Reproduced the transformation combination to Dangaio by four Dan mechanics by replacing it.
In the Dangaio state, each joint is movable, and the special wrist parts can be reproduced with the special move "Spiral Knuckle" and the "Psychic Wave", which shines the royal royal crest in the palm.

In addition to the replacement wrist such as the grip fist, the weapon handle, and the Hirate, the Dangai Sword (the sword of the catastrophe) is included.
You can reproduce the color coding close to the image simply by assembling the 4 -molded color of white, navy blue, gray, and red.
The material is made by PS, ABS, POM.

POINT01 Plastic Kit New frontier form
That form that I dreamed, that action is finally reproduced with a plastic kit!

The form and posing just like in the play are endorsed by Masami Owari!
Furthermore, using four kinds of molding and coloring parts, it is a color category that is close to the image simply by assembling.

Mr. Aran Moriguchi, who worked on "Moderoid Super Pipi Mi BARI Mode" and "HAGANE WORKS Demonbain" for modeling and design.
It is a product that created a new possibility of three -dimensional expression by plastic kit.

POINT02 Numerous Special Move reproduction parts!
"Psychic Wave" The emblem of the palm has been printed on the parts.
"Spiral knuckle" is reproduced with a dedicated wrist.
In conjunction with the range of motion of the whole body, it is also possible to hold a "sword of evil" and cut out the great deal.

POINT03 Dan Mechanic reproduction
This is MODEROID! Dangaio and Dan Mechanic can be reproduced!
By incorporating a deformation combination by "replacement", you can not only reproduce both Dan Mechanic and Dangaio form beautifully, but also enjoy posing during dangaio.

* The photos posted may differ slightly from the actual product.
* The image is a CG with a painted image. Different from the actual product.

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