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[Scheduled to be released in January 2024] [Application period: Until August 1, 2023] [TOMIX] Kiha 35-0, 500 type diesel car (Sagami line color) set (2 cars) [Reservation]

[Scheduled to be released in January 2024] [Application period: Until August 1, 2023] [TOMIX] Kiha 35-0, 500 type diesel car (Sagami line color) set (2 cars) [Reservation]

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● High -grade (HG) specification ● The 500th generation reproduces the ventilator and floor -sewage tank that is different from the 0th generation ● The 0th generation has no front reinforcement board, the 500th is the reinforced board (the reinforcement board is attached with the attached part and the user is installed. ) Reproduces the painting of the blue part that is different depending on the presence of the reinforcement board ● If you want to reproduce the 0th generation with a reinforcement plate, or the 500th generation without reinforcement boards, you can reproduce by replacing the roof and bottom with each other ● The headlight is reproduced with a two -light shield beam with a steep inside ● The taillite is a new car or a remodeling of the outer flock type. Integrated type, the jumper hose is reproduced with a separate part ● Head / taillight, the front display is a constant lighting substrate equipment, with ON-OFF switch ● Head / taill light, front display is lighted with a bulb color LED ● front display part. Is lit in a color that is close to white by adopting the color line display part. ● The front display part is replaced by the replacement type "Chigasaki-Hashimoto" ● The front display is for replacement "Chigasaki-Ebina-Chigasaki-Samukawa / Hashimoto-Atsugi-Atsugi-Atsugi-Atsugi-Atsugi-Atsugi.・ Hashimoto-Hara Ma ・ Temporary / Ordinary (white base) ”is included ● Car number / affiliation notation ・ JR mark is selected by a selection type ● Fly wheel with a flywheel adoption ● New current collection system, black wheel adopted. ● M-13 motor adoption ● TN coupler (SP) standard equipment

JAN code: 4543736981305

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