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【グリーンマックス】急行「つくし」 増結6両セット


[Scheduled to be released in June 2024] [Application period: Until February 28, 2024] [Green Max] Express "Tsukushi" additional 6 -car set [Reservation]

[Scheduled to be released in June 2024] [Application period: Until February 28, 2024] [Green Max] Express "Tsukushi" additional 6 -car set [Reservation]

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【Product introduction】
Green Max N Gauge Vehicle Economy Kit Series, Express "Tsukushi" Addition 6 -car set (unpainted assembly kit).

Express "Tsukushi" assorted set
Includes a new production sticker that contains a destination display board, nickname board, etc.
Body and roof are gray molded, and underfloor equipment is black.
A sticker (new production) containing the destination display for the express "Tsukushi", nickname, car bill, etc.
The actual formation can be reproduced by combining this product with the basic set (No.617), and the released single kit

* Vehicle mark is not included in this product.
* Because this product is an unpainted kit, assembly and paint are required.
* The specifications of the product may differ from the actual car.

【set content】
[Slot 54] + [Oshi 17] + [Suha 43] + [Suha 43] + [Suha 43]

Body (gray molding)
Roof (gray molding)
Underfloor device (black formation type)
PVC plate
Spider glass
Lattice glass
Assembly manual

[Introduction of actual car]
Express "Tsukushi" is a train that connected Osaka to Hakata from 1964 to 1975.
At the time of its appearance, it was operated by a connection between the old passenger car and the 10 -series passenger car, but in October 1965, the operation of the 475 series of the cross -handed trains began, ending the short activity of about one year. I did it.

[Product specification]
Scale: N gauge
Product form: Unpainted assembly kit
Body material: Plastic
Motor: None

JAN code: 4946950061806
(C) Greenmax Corporation.all Rights Reserved.

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