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【タカラトミー】トランスフォーマー BWVS-08 幽幻の対決


[Scheduled to be released in March 2024] [Application period: Until November 3, 2023] [Takara Tomy] Transformers BWVS-08 Ghost confrontation [Reservation]

[Scheduled to be released in March 2024] [Application period: Until November 3, 2023] [Takara Tomy] Transformers BWVS-08 Ghost confrontation [Reservation]

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Anime selection broadcasting and Beast warrior participation in movies released in the summer of 2023, and the topic Beast character reappeared in the premium finish specification.
It will be released sequentially in the VS set box that misses the time with the coloring and rival character confrontation that matches the image of the main part of the CG animation.

As a bonus stage of the BWVS series, the Destron Aerial Staff, a Destron Aerial Staff, which is transformed into a jet,
Appeared in a classic special clear molding color as the ghost star scream "Ghost Star Scream" that appeared in Episode 21 of Beast Wars.
The confrontation is reproduced in a dark color that imagined the possession status as a "hornetedwa spiter", which is possessed by the "ghost star scream".
Reproduce the Destron emblem on the head, such as reproducing the special premium finish finish, reproduces the image of the animation.
In the closed box package, a reversible inner sheet that reminds the confrontation set box at the time is set, and two character cards are included.

◆ Set contents ◆
Ghost Star Scream Body (1), Horneted Wa Spitter body (1), Character Card (2), Instruction Manual (1)


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