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【ロケットモデルズ】1/72 日本陸軍 Z爆撃機 ミッドウェイ反撃戦 対艦誘導弾爆装


[Scheduled to be released in November 2023] [Application period: Until November 3, 2023] [Rocket Models] 1/72 Japan Army Z Bomber Midway counterattack anti -ship bomb explosion [Reservation]

[Scheduled to be released in November 2023] [Application period: Until November 3, 2023] [Rocket Models] 1/72 Japan Army Z Bomber Midway counterattack anti -ship bomb explosion [Reservation]

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If so, it is a fictitious airplane model that is newly added to the rocket model Fist of Wars series, which is based on a fictional subject material based on the fictitious subject.

This is a plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the Z bomber deployed and operated by the Japanese Army with a unique interpretation of a technology brought from Germany at the end of World War II.
The scale is 1/72, the overall length is about 20cm, and the width is about 55cm.
The unique shape of the nailless wings like a kite reproduces the design accurately.
Erlon and flaps can be assembled by selecting the angle.
In addition, the engine reproduces from the intake port to the engine body and exhaust port, and is looking forward to mechanical assembly.
The cockpit also reproduces the internal details.
The explosive parts are 4 Fritz X, which has been diverted from Germany, two Henshel HS293, and two Brome On Foss BV246.
You can also enjoy changes in facial expressions due to differences in explosives.

Marking is set by a Cartograph -made decal with the Japanese army -specific Hinomaru.
It is a kit full of the unique charm of a model to get if the plan is realized.

● Reproduce the Z bomber developed by the Japanese army on 1/72 scale
● Equipment can be assembled by selecting flight and parking status
● The bomb village hatch is opened and closed
● Set of 3 kinds of explosions (UA72215 1/72 German Air Force Weaponset 3)
Prototype production ---
Size 1/72 scale (width about 550mm)
Product specification plastic model
Package ---
Remarks * This item is free shipping.

* A plastic model that requires assembly and painting. Please note that it is not a finished product.
* Product images are posted as auxiliary explanation of the content of prototypes, actual machines, actual vehicles, image CGs, etc., so it may be different from the actual product.

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