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【グッドスマイルアーツ上海】Zas M21 ドールズフロントライン 花の裏のクオリア


[Scheduled to be released in October 2024] [Application period: Until January 12, 2024] [Good Smile Arts Shanghai] ZAS M21 Dolls Front Line Quarria behind the flowers [Reservation]

[Scheduled to be released in October 2024] [Application period: Until January 12, 2024] [Good Smile Arts Shanghai] ZAS M21 Dolls Front Line Quarria behind the flowers [Reservation]

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I wanted to pick the double grass flowers and give it to the commander, but I think the flower language passes my head and is not very realistic ...
From the popular smartphone game "Dolls Front Line", the cool and competent girl doll "ZAS M21" has appeared as a 1/7 scale figure with a wedding dress "The Quarria on the Flowers", which represents purity.
The beautiful woman stands quietly, and the pure white wedding dress emphasizes the cool face of the girl behind the bouquet, and has a pretty beauty.
The black gun in the gun case emits cold light, the corolla that has fallen into the mottled shadow, a tuling dress and a veil with a delicate glossy and pattern,
The details overlap, such as the metal candlestick, and reproduces a gentle and gentle atmosphere.
Does the feeling hidden in motorcycle flowers reach the commander's heart? Please welcome you and enjoy as much as you want!

Plastic painted finished product, 1/7 scale, dedicated pedestal attached, full height: about 290mm
Prototype production
Dairy cow
Selling agency
Good Smile Arts Shanghai
good smile Company
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The pedestal is a prototype. It may be different from the actual product.
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