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【タカラトミー】ZOIDS AZ-06 ライガーゼロフェニックス


[Scheduled to be released in September 2024] [Application period: Until March 1, 2024] [Takara Tomy] ZOIDS AZ-06 Liger Zero Phoenix [Reservation]

[Scheduled to be released in September 2024] [Application period: Until March 1, 2024] [Takara Tomy] ZOIDS AZ-06 Liger Zero Phoenix [Reservation]

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Product details The high -end model that Zoids celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2023!
The ultimate Zoids to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the movement full of life and enhanced animation reproducibility!

1/72 scale assembly kit.
The Liger Zero Phoenix is ​​reproduced by the combination of Liger Zero (body).
By turning on the switch with an electric unit, the real walking of the animal is reproduced, and the eyes and chest lights up with LED.
Also, during the Liger Zero Phoenix, walk while moving the wings up and down.
Fire phoenix can be recombined by the same format as the former ZOIDS BLOX.
Comes with a 1/72 anime protagonist RD figure that can board the cockpit (unpainted).

* This product does not come with the "Zero Armor" attached to "AZ-02 Liger Zero" (sold separately), but it can be attached with the attachment parts included with this product.
* Fire phoenix of this product cannot be attached to "AZ-02 Liger Zero" (sold separately).

【set content】
Runner set (1), power unit unit (1), pilot figure (1), block set (1), back unit set (1), parts set (1), cap wrench (1), display stand (pedestal) (pedestal) (pedestal) 1), label (1), instruction manual (1)

* Use two AAA alkaline batteries (batteries are sold separately.)

(C) TOMY (C) Shopro

JAN code: 4904810918844
(C) TOMY (C) Shopro

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