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Death Note DEATHNOTE (1-12 volumes+13 volumes)

Death Note DEATHNOTE (1-12 volumes+13 volumes)

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タグ アニメ化 シリアス 大場つぐみ 完結 小畑健 少年漫画 心理戦 映画化 漫画 第3次ジャンプ黄金期(2000年代前半) 集英社
【set content】
"Death Note DEATH NOTE (1-12 volumes)"

■ "Death Note Death Note"
The human who has the name is a death note, Death Note, which is dead, and pursues the moon as a mass murderer with the main character, Yagami, who uses it to purge criminals one after another. It is a story depicting the fight against Detective L (El). !

■ "Death Note Death Note How to Read"
A Kira incident that shakes the world. And the existence of Death Note behind it. This time, various records about it have been created. The truth that was wrapped in a mystery, the truth that had not been told so far is now revealed !!

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