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History [Bunko version] (Volume 1-11 Volume)

History [Bunko version] (Volume 1-11 Volume)

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タグ コミック文庫 完結 小学館 横山光輝 歴史 漫画 青年漫画

Emperor, Konoha, Liu Kun, Mushi Emperor ... The history of ancient China, where heroes and great masters appear one after another and develop dynamically. A masterpiece of a worldwide historical book written by Shima Senno appeared in the paperback edition of a masterpiece of a comic by a great master, Mitsuki Yokoyama! Inherited the will of the story and completed "History". The magnificent story begins with this first volume. Includes all five episodes, such as "Shima Sushi", "Prime Minister and Bureau". Shima transfers, who had been honored by genius since childhood. The talent was all acknowledged by everyone, but since becoming a bureaucrat of Han, it has long been unfortunate. Moreover, when his talent was finally recognized, a tragedy occurred in himself. He was treated by the humiliating punishment, "Miyako", in touching the scales of the military and cut out the cock. But "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " Despite the sentence of the war, he has highly valued his talent, so he creates a new position called "Chugoku Ordinance" for the Sima transition. Shima Sen, who can freely see the court books, has fully used this position, worked on writing historical books, and wrote a total of 130 volumes after about 10 years. The history book "History" that he wrote in his life was completed in this way ...

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