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TOLOVE Ru-Toraburu-Darkness (Volume 1-18 Volume)

TOLOVE Ru-Toraburu-Darkness (Volume 1-18 Volume)

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タグ エッチ ラブコメ 完結 少年漫画 漫画 矢吹健太朗 長谷見沙貴 集英社

Rito Yuki is a pure high school student who has been thinking about her classmates, Haruna, who has been thinking for many years. Under such a Devil -star princess, Lara, who bundles the universe, she will suddenly engage and live together! In addition, Lara's twin sister Nana and Momo began to stay, and the area around Lito is a fuss. !! Rito's full -time day, which is involved in girls around me, such as my favorite Haruna and the assassin who aims for Lito, starts today ...?!?

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