Refund / return policy (Shopify Template)

Our return correspondence period is 30 days. If 30 days have passed since the purchase, you will not be able to receive refunds or exchanges.

As a return condition, the product must be unused and in the same state as when it arrives. Be sure to return the goods using the packaging materials used at the time of receipt.

Some products are not eligible for returned goods. Please note that we cannot return fresh products such as food and fresh flowers, as well as newspapers and magazines. We cannot return products, hygiene supplies, dangerous substances, or flooded liquids and gas products that directly touch the skin.

Other non -returnable products:
*gift card
*Downloadable software products
*Health and personal care products

To complete a return, you will need a receipt or a proof of purchase.
You cannot return the purchased product to the manufacturer.

In the following situations, only a part of the product price is refunded.
*Books with obvious traces of use
*Opened CD, DVD, VHS tape, software, video games, cassette tape, analog record
* Unlike the original state, a product that has been damaged or partially missed because of our negligence.
* Products returned after 30 days after the product arrived

Refund (if applicable)
After the return of the return and the inspection, we will send you an email to notify you of the returned product. We will also notify you of the refund approval or rejection.
When approved, the refund is processed, and the credit is automatically applied to the credit card or the original payment method within a certain number of days.

Delay or unprocessed refund (if applicable)
If you haven't received any refunds yet, first check your bank account.
If the information you have entered is not wrong, please contact your credit card company. It may take some time to complete the refund process and actually get a refund.
Next, please contact the bank. It may take time to refund.
If you can not confirm the refund yet after the above inquiry, please contact
Sale product (if applicable)
We accept refunds for fixed -price products, but we do not accept refunds for sale products.

Exchange (if applicable)
We will replace it only in the case of defective or damaged items. If you need to replace it with the same product, email and return the product to the following address. Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo 1020072 2-3-6 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku

Items marked as a gift at the time of purchase and delivered directly to customers will be refunded with a gift voucher equivalent to the product at the time of return. After receiving the return, the gift certificate will be mailed.

If the product is not stated that the product is a gift at the time of purchase, or if the giver receives the product to the customer after receiving the product himself, the refund will be made to the gifts. The customer will be notified that the customer has returned the goods.
If you wish to return, you need to return the product to the following address: Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo 1020072 2-3-6 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku.

The shipping cost when returning the product will be borne by the customer. Please note that refunds do not include shipping. If you wish to refund, the return fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

Please note that it may take some time to deliver replacement products depending on your place of residence.

If the price of the returned product exceeds ¥ 75, consider using the trackable delivery service or subscribing to transportation insurance. We are not responsible for any damage or loss during return.