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[Light novel] Magical teacher (4 books in total)

[Light novel] Magical teacher (4 books in total)

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タグ BL BL(ボーイズラブ) フロンティアワークス ライトノベル 千二百 墨香銅臭
A fateful reunion that has been waiting for over time.

Wei Wuxian, who was once feared by people as"falling into the path of evil",
He lost everything and died a violent death.
However, it was a testament to his belief.
After 13 years, he was summoned by another person's body and unexpectedly revived in this world.
He tries to hide his identity and break with the past, but
Of all things, the destined opponent who has competed in literary and military skills since he was a boy,
He reunites with Ran Wan-ji.
Free-spirited and cheerful Wei Wuxian,
Lan Wanji is a polite and taciturn man.
In the memory of my previous life, I should have been clashing,
For some reason he doesn't want to leave his side...
The melody of that day brings them together again.
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