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100 years big feature -length Doraemon [Treasure version] (17 volumes in total)

100 years big feature -length Doraemon [Treasure version] (17 volumes in total)

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タグ タイムトラベル ドラえもん ロボット 友情 国民的作品 小学館 少年漫画 映画化 漫画 藤子・F・不二雄
The original manga of the"Movie Doraemon"series"Large Feature Doraemon"series all 17 volumes, the ultimate favorite version will be published!
This is the definitive edition of the highest quality, with luxurious bindings, specifications, and special benefits, so that the moving masterpieces drawn by Fujiko F. Fujio will be read 100 years into the future! (Made-to-order product)

●"100 Years Long Doraemon"10 Spectacular Luxurious Specifications Based on the concept of"delivering books to the next 100 years", we are thoroughly particular about bookbinding, printing, paper, etc. Here are the 10 major features.

"Original leather-like cloth binding"+"joined cover"for durability and beauty The gorgeous"Tenkin"specification book is easier to open than the"perfect binding", which is a normal comic bookbinding technique, and is stronger than the"kagari binding".
The number of printed lines has been increased from the usual 135 lines to 150 lines in order to reproduce realistic and detailed lines."Satan Black", which has a higher degree of jetness than ordinary ink, reproduces fine pen touches without blurring. , The amount of information in raw manuscripts is maximized with"Opera Clear Max", a paper with little deterioration over time. A certain"Dragon Mark"is engraved on the back cover side.

●Limited to"100 Years Long Doraemon"! 5 amazing extras!
This time, those who purchase"100 Years Long Doraemon"will receive 5 luxurious benefits including 3 separate volumes that can only be obtained here (included with the product).
[Luxury privilege 1] Separate volume"Large feature Doraemon Volume 0"
"Nobita's Dinosaur"The first complete color recording of the two first appearance versions!
In addition, Fujiko・F・Fujio's unrecorded essay about his childhood dream of movies, unrecorded talks, etc. are included along with detailed commentary!
It is a special book that can only be obtained with"100 Years Long Doraemon", which is not sold at general bookstores.

[Luxury privilege 2] Separate volume that complete comprehensive index"Large feature drawing Emon"
Produced as a bonus for ``100 Years Doraemon'', ``Hikiemon'', which amazed maniacs, is powered up!
[Luxury bonus 3] Separate volume of the complete door painting collection"Large feature Doraemon"
Color recordings such as frontispieces from serialization, cover illustrations of comics, project cuts, etc. Many rare manuscripts not included in"Fujiko F. Fujiyu Daizenshu"!
[Luxury bonus 4]"Large feature Doraemon"17 famous scene art posters (17 pieces in total)
A special A3 size poster that selects the famous places of"Large feature Doraemon"for each work, and uses high-quality printing to preserve the pen touches and correction marks of the original drawings.
A gorgeous set that houses all 17 cards in a special"Tatou-shaped case"!
[Luxury bonus 5]"Pisuke & Doraemon Friendship Figure"(Made by Medicom Toy)
Reproduce the memorable illustration drawn by Fujiko F. Fujio when the first Doraemon movie was released in 1980.
The UDF (ULTRA DETAIL FIGURE) series produced by Medicom Toy, which is highly collectible as before.

Also, if you have purchased"100 Years Long Doraemon", please use the enclosed application form to
You can apply for the separately sold"Mini anywhere door-type bookshelf"(2 types in total) (application deadline scheduled for the end of January 2023).

Please look forward to the"100 Years Long Doraemon"that was realized in response to the voices of desire from the purchasers of"100 Years Doraemon".
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