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Planetes (1-4 volume whole volume)

Planetes (1-4 volume whole volume)

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タグ SF アニメ化 宇宙 完結 幸村誠 未来 漫画 講談社 青年漫画
SF new standard appearance!
After 4 million years, humans flew from the earth.
This sky tests a person's strength.

Hachimaki, who is on a humble space debris recovery ship, has big dreams, but cannot resist the poor reality and unstable self.
A colleague, Yuri, is haunted by memories of his lost wife and cannot find his own future. The problem of the bottom of the atmosphere from the last century remains unresolved, and advanced nations extend their power beyond the stratosphere.
Humans have extended their arms beyond the stratosphere. But to live--its strengths and weaknesses didn't change at all.
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