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Fujiko F. Fujio "Unprecedented Short Edit" [Bunko Edition] (Volume 1-4)

Fujiko F. Fujio "Unprecedented Short Edit" [Bunko Edition] (Volume 1-4)

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タグ コミック文庫 完結 小学館 少年漫画 漫画 短編集 藤子・F・不二雄
A collection of unusual short stories by Fujiko F. Fujio. A collection of works that fully immerse you in the world of Fujiko's aesthetics. !浸かれる作品集!

Fujiko F Fujio unique short story 1編集〉1
▼Episode 1 / Oyajirokku Episode 2 / Jijinuki Episode 3 / Self-meeting Episode 4 / Decimation Episode 5 / 33,000 square meters Episode 6 / Gekiga Oba Q Episode 7 / Luck of Dojiro Dojiro Episode 8/TM is absolutely Episode 9/Minotaur Plate Episode 10/Reunion After 1000 Years Episode 11/Hyunhyoro Episode 12/My Son Superman Episode 13/Rolled Tree Root Essay So Kitamura Appears Person/I (crew member of a malfunctioning spaceship crash lands on a terrestrial planet) Minoa (girl honored with Minotaur dish this year) (episode 9) Synopsis/son and grandchildren who live together Genzo Anaguro, an old man who has no place to stay at home, goes fishing in the rain to pay his respects to his family and dies there. I missed my family while I was watching the wake (Episode 2) The interplanetary rocket I was on broke down, and I was the only one who survived. 23 days later, I finally landed on a terrestrial planet. There is a civilization, albeit at a low stage, and I was able to meet a cute girl named Minoa. The two met by chance outside Nishimura, a novice editor who came to Yamato, a novelist, to urge him to write a manuscript, but when they arrived at Yamato's house, Yamato beat his wife! But he was already a rumored domestic tyrant, and Yamato's wife endured it without saying anything (episode 13).和は編集者の間でもうわさの家庭内暴君だったのだ。そして大和の妻は何もいわずに、それに耐えているのだったが……(第13話)。

Fujiko F Fujio unique short story collection 2編集〉2
▼Episode 1 / Miracle Man Episode 2 / Great Prophecy Episode 3 / Old Man Talks Episode 4 / Koin Episode 5 / Lucky Child Episode 6 / Yasuragi no Yakata Episode 7 / Retirement Elimination Episode 8 / Sample A and B Episode 9 / Holiday Gunman Episode 10 / Turning Point Episode 11 / Transformation Episode 12 / Let's Kill It Easy Episode 13 / Ultra Super Deluxe Man Characters / Man (A successful company president Everyday A doctor (who breaks his stomach during hard work and suspects it might be cancer) (a man's friend gives him advice because he can't see how tired he is) (Episode 6) Kaneto Kuraku (an office worker at Nissei Shoji, whose true identity is justice) Ally Ultra Super Deluxe Man) Katayama (Nissei Shoji's elite office worker Kureku's old friend) (Episode 13) Synopsis / As the successful president of the company, he is frustrated with the son of the unreliable managing director and fights against the conspiracy to take over and fights against the student movement at home. He scolded his son who came back from the detention center and was asked for a lot of money at his mistress's house. (Episode 6) Goro Umino, an ordinary office worker who has his wedding ceremony with Midori next week, is kidnapped one day by a gang of two. The boss who has been body-swapped with the gang boss goes out on a date with Midori in Goro's body. Kaneto Kuraku, a mediocre office worker who had nothing to do, suddenly acquired a supernatural power one morning and transformed into an ally of justice, Ultra Super Deluxeman! He continued to shower, but before he knew it, the reaction around him was (episode 13)マンに変身した! 暴走族から政財界の黒幕、公害企業まで、ありあまる「悪」に鉄拳を浴びせ続けた彼だが、いつの間にやら周りの反応は……(第13話)。

Fujiko F Fujio unique short story 3編集〉3
▼Episode 1/The ark is full Episode 2/With Gonshiki no miko Episode 3/I hate it, I hate it. Me and I Episode 7 / Nostalgia Episode 8 / Let's Make a Time Machine Episode 9 / Time Camera Episode 10 / That Fool Aims for the Wilderness Episode 11 / Miniature Manufacturing Camera Episode 12 / Cleopatra Characters: Urashima Takichi (Urashima family's heir son, student going to war) Satoko (Takichi's fiancé since childhood, holds a ceremony just before Takichi goes to war) Kiburijii (an old man who was locked up in the Urashima family's storehouse) ) (Episode 7) Synopsis / In the distant future when interstellar travel has become practical, a new situation has become a problem. Unavoidable to fall into a mental state, tragedies such as riots and rebellions have occurred. After 30 years, the old man returns to his hometown, but the village has sunk to the bottom of the dam and his wife has already died. Stepped into a world 30 years ago that should have been lost! (Episode 7) Humanity's eternal dream time machine. One day, a stranger called out to Matsui, a middle school boy who could be anywhere. He said that he could manufacture a time machine. But (Episode 8)というのだ。理論が発見されていないだけで、現在の技術でも製造が可能だと男はいうのだが……(第8話)。

Fujiko F Fujio unique short story 4編集〉4
▼Episode 1 / Valuable camera Episode 2 / Women have something to sell Episode 3 / Recorded steel Episode 4 / Namiheike's day Episode 5 / Dream camera Episode 6 / Parent and child exchange episode Episode 7 / Nostalgic Guest Episode 8 / Parallel Class Reunion Episode 9 / Collage Camera Episode 10 / Cutie Episode 11 / Ox Time Episode 12 / One Day Episode 13 / Shikai Mirror Episode 14 / I picked up an iron man Characters / Man (A serious person in the company who gets a dream camera by chance) Wife (The man's wife Recently, the couple is bored) OL (Man's subordinate at work) (Episode 5) Man (Ordinary company employee Children also left home and live with his wife) Woman (Man's wife is rather anxious) Tetsujin (Giant robot developed secretly by the former Imperial Army ) (Episode 14) Synopsis / A fleeting dream that disappears from memory when you wake up. All you have in your head is a sense of fun and fear, and it's so frustrating that you can't remember the details! A camera salesman who suddenly appeared in the middle of the night What he came to sell was a camera that could capture people's dreams. Toko If the souls of the parent and child are switched, Jinroku Sagara, who is a ronin, is infatuated with his lover, Haruko. (Episode 6) What if the children picked up Tetsujin in the atmosphere in the TV anime? When he sees it, he hears a roaring sound and sees a giant robot fly towards him!飛んでくるではないか! 困った男は鉄人をその場に残して帰ろうとするが、なんと鉄人は男の家まで付いてきてしまう……(第14話)。
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