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Helsing HellSing (1-10 volumes)

Helsing HellSing (1-10 volumes)

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タグ アニメ化 オカルト ダークファンタジー 吸血鬼 完結 少年画報社 平野耕太 戦い 拳銃 漫画 西洋 青年漫画
Integra, the female head of the Hellsing family who controls the Royal Knights of the British Empire, commonly known as the"Hellsing Agency", the immortal vampire Alucard who obeys Integra, and Seras, a novice vampire who became a vampire by Alucard. The protagonist of this work.
The basic story development is in line with Bram Stoker's work Vampire VS Vampire Hunter, centering on the battle between the Knights of the Royal Church and the vampires and ghouls.
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