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Peleliu-Paradise Gernica- (Volume 1-11 Volume)

Peleliu-Paradise Gernica- (Volume 1-11 Volume)

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タグ ノンフィクション 完結 平塚柾緒(太平洋戦争研究会) 戦場 武田一義 漫画 白泉社 青年漫画

1944, summer. At the end of the Pacific War, there was Tamaru, a soldier who wanted to become a manga artist, on Peleliu Island. It is a paradise surrounded by coral reefs and covered with beautiful forests. And a mad battlefield where 50,000 soldiers in Japan and the United States kill each other. At that time, 40,000 elite U.S. forces attacked with the goal of seizing the airfield, which was said to be the best in the East. The Japanese garrison of 10,000 who was ordered to"thoroughly endure"will attack. On a small island far from their homeland, what did they fight for and what did they live for?!

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