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Kay x Yak-Dangerous Aibo- (Volume 1-8's latest issue)

Kay x Yak-Dangerous Aibo- (Volume 1-8's latest issue)

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タグ ドラマ化 少女漫画 恋人 漫画 薫原好江 講談社 警察

Ichiro, a public security investigator who belongs to the Public Security Department of the Metropolitan Police Department, approaches Shiro, a yakuza who is acting like a male prostitute for politicians at the order of his boss, and conducts secret investigation and surveillance. Especially. However, by chance, it is discovered that Shiro is the younger brother of a senior investigator. Ichiro, who has always wanted to find his senior who mysteriously disappeared, secretly joins hands with Shiro and decides to pursue the mystery of his senior's incident together. While pretending to be a"lover"to deceive the boss's eyes.

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