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◆ There is a privilege ◆ Rokunin of the cross (1-9 volumes of volume 1-9)

◆ There is a privilege ◆ Rokunin of the cross (1-9 volumes of volume 1-9)

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タグ サスペンス モンスター 中武士竜 少年漫画 復讐 漫画 特典付 講談社
Is it okay to kill people?--An immoral revenge suspense drawn by Ryu Nakabushi!

"Shun, ignore those who have changed their minds. People need a chance to be reborn."
"Grandpa, I hope they haven't changed."

──In order to kill non-human monsters, the boy also became something non-human.
Named"Experimental Subject A", he is teased by five classmates.

Shun Uruma, a 6th grade elementary school student, was in"hell"suffering from brutal bullying.
However, there was a"salvation"of the younger brother who thought of his brother and the parents who protected the child.
Until that day, five monsters kidnapped his family with a brute deed...

Before long, Shun, who lost everything and saw true hell, had a dark"wish".
A boy reborn under the guidance of his grandfather who belonged to a secret unit during the war.
And when four years have passed, he appears in front of his fated enemy...

I won't give this revenge to anyone.

[Bonus] Clear bookmark drawn by Ryu Nakabushi
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