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Manchuria Ahehen Quad (Volume 1-11 is the latest issue)

Manchuria Ahehen Quad (Volume 1-11 is the latest issue)

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タグ サスペンス 漫画 講談社 門馬司 青年漫画 鹿子
"The lightest thing in Manchuria is human life."
The time is 1937.
Isamu Hijikata, who came to Manchuria as a soldier of the Kwantung Army, lost the sight in his right eye on the battlefield.
As a"useless soldier", he was sent to the agricultural volunteer army to make food for the army, and spent days being oppressed by his superiors.
One day, he notices that a corner of the farm is growing poppy, the raw material for opium.
In order to save his sick mother, Isamu decides to make opium illegally, but his decision throws his own fate and the fate of Manchuria out of whack.
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