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The Fabble The Second Contact (Volume 1-5)

The Fabble The Second Contact (Volume 1-5)

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タグ 南勝久 実写化 日常 映画化 殺し屋 漫画 講談社 青年漫画
In 2019, Katsuhisa Minami's work"The Fable", whose first part reached a grand finale, has become even more eccentric and is making a grand return.
Our older brother Akira, older sister Yoko, thistle, eucalyptus, and Kuro-chan are back in good health.
And how are Misaki-chan and Octopus President, who were tied to her brother in the first part...
Invincible killer retirement legend, unprecedented second contact, completely restarted here! As a professional of wisdom and ingenuity ♪
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