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Only me level up (1-10 volume is the latest issue)

Only me level up (1-10 volume is the latest issue)

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タグ Chugong DUBU KADOKAWA/メディアファクトリー ダンジョン ハンター 少年漫画 漫画
The secret of leveling up that only I know--the weakest hunter's quest story!
A dozen years ago, awakened people called hunters appeared after the appearance of a passage"gate"connecting another dimension and this world. Hunters are people who defeat monsters hidden in the dungeon inside the gate and get paid.
Shun Mizushino, an E-class hunter called mankind's weakest weapon, reluctantly continues to hunt in order to earn medical expenses for his mother.
However, one day, when he encounters a highly difficult dungeon, he is given a special ability just before his death. The secret to leveling up that only Shun knows... How long will his leveling up last?!
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