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Love in Lv999 with Yamada-kun (Volume 1-6 is the latest issue)

Love in Lv999 with Yamada-kun (Volume 1-6 is the latest issue)

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タグ KADOKAWA/メディアファクトリー ましろ ゲーム 恋愛 漫画 青年漫画
My love ends with Netoge and begins with Netoge!?

Akane was taken by another woman who got to know her boyfriend in a net game.
While hunting small fish monsters to relieve stress, a guild member, Afro man Yamada, calls out to him.
Even though he complained that he was dumped by the same Gilmen, Yamada was expressionless and answered bluntly,"I'm not interested."
In the end, Yamada said,"Give up the hunting grounds,"and Akane was angry, saying,"This is why I'm a man who plays games!"
When Akane learns that a real online game event will be held, she thinks she might be able to meet her ex-boyfriend... and enters the venue dressed up, but next to him is a new girlfriend...
Right after that, a very handsome black-haired boy reached out to Akane who was pushed by the crowd and fell down.
However, the handsome man's unfriendly attitude and the words"I'm not interested"made me think of that Afro-haired avatar... This handsome guy in front of me was Yamada!?
Akane, who was shown her ex-boyfriend's Ichacora in front of her, takes Yamada to a pub and goes out with Yake sake.
When a drunken Akane wakes up, she finds herself in an unfamiliar place... Yamada's room.
Could it be me...!?
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