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blood. About the exercise of the earth (1-8 volumes)

blood. About the exercise of the earth (1-8 volumes)

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タグ 完結 小学館 漫画 運命 青年漫画 魚豊
Move history, heart, destiny—the stars.

The setting is Europe in the 15th century. An era when heretical ideas were burned at the stake.
The main character, Rafau, was expected to major in theology, which was considered the most important at the time, at the university he was planning to enter as a skipped grade.
It was a natural choice for Rafau, who values rationality the most, and the world should have been"easy"as long as it followed rationality.
However, one day, a mysterious man who appeared before Rafal was researching a"certain truth"at the center of heresy.

Do you have a belief that you can't bend even if you give up your life? Is there an aesthetic you want to stick to even if you turn the world against you?
If you draw a hot human being, there is no enemy"Hyakuem. ] The story of the hottest people in history, drawn by Uotoyo!!
You'll feel your blood boil as you turn the pages. Tremble with the joy of reading an interesting manga!!
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