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◆ There is a privilege ◆ Urusei Yatsura reprint BOX (vol.2) [With limited acrylic key chain]

◆ There is a privilege ◆ Urusei Yatsura reprint BOX (vol.2) [With limited acrylic key chain]

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タグ アニメ化 ギャグ ラブコメ 小学館 漫画 特典付 青年漫画 高橋留美子
The monumental romantic comedy"Urusei Yatsura"is back!

The animation"Urusei Yatsura"is scheduled to be broadcast on Fuji TV"Noitamina"and other stations.
A comic that completely reproduces the super rare SSC first edition comes back in a special box for the first time in about 40 years!

Enclosed benefits:Vol.

[Bonus] Comes with Ataru's limited acrylic key chain

★ Reprint BOX release & animation broadcast commemoration ★
\ Special plan for 4 consecutive months & Mr. Rumiko Takahashi [autographed] Mini colored paper as a gift/

4 months in a row! For every vol.1~4 of Urusei Yatsura reprint BOX set with limited benefits , you will receive an [acrylic key chain] limited to the entire manga volume dot com!
There are 4 types of acrylic key chains, one for each box ☆
Moreover, if you collect all 4 types, it will be a"diorama-style acrylic stand"!

▼Schedule/10/12 release [Reprint BOX vol.1 purchase bonus] Ram-chan's limited acrylic key chain/11/18 release [Reprint BOX vol.2 purchase bonus] Ataru's limited acrylic key chain/From December [Reprint BOX vol. .3 Purchase benefits] coming soon…
・Released from January 2023 [Reprint BOX vol.4 purchase privilege] coming soon…

Rumiko Takahashi"autographed"mini colored paper as a gift [Purchase privilege for all 4 types of reprint BOX]
All customers who purchase all of the reprinted BOX vol.1-4 at our store will receive a set of 4 mini colored papers limited to dot com!
In addition, 3 lucky winners will receive Rumiko Takahashi's autographed mini colored paper!

[Applicants] Those who have purchased all reprinted BOX Vol.1-4 at our store.
[Purchase target] Those who purchased each BOX individually, or those who purchased Vol.1 to 4 including the BOX set.
* Set sales will be from vol.2 onwards.
Please note that Vol.1-4 will not be sold as a set on the Vol.1 release date.
[Application period] From the BOX Vol.4 release date to the end of the following month.
Scheduled from January 2023 to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) 23:59.
▼ Please check the special page for details.

・This is a privilege limited to those who purchased at our store.
・Customers who wish to receive a mini colored paper must apply using the"application form".
★[Order number] is required for application. If you are a non-member, please be sure to keep the order number sent in the order confirmation email.
・Shipping fee for mini colored paper is free.
・ Signed mini colored paper will be entered by lottery. Please note that you cannot choose the illustration design.
・We will send one of the 4 types of mini colored paper set to the winner with an autograph.
・The announcement of the winner will be returned when the prize is shipped.
・Shipping is scheduled for early March.
・ Resale prohibited, net auction listing prohibited. If we find out, we may cancel the winning and ask for a refund.
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