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Honest real estate (volume 1-16 is the latest issue)

Honest real estate (volume 1-16 is the latest issue)

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タグ ドラマ化 不動産 呪い 夏原武 大谷アキラ 小学館 水野光博 漫画 青年漫画
They don't show or tell customers anything other than what is necessary for sales.
Tosaka Real Estate's ace salesman, Nagase Zaichi, was a genius who hit No. 1 in sales with a mouth that doesn't mind lying.
However, after breaking a stone monument at a certain groundbreaking ceremony, he has become unable to tell a lie...!!
While the previous grades declined at a stretch in the real estate industry in the Senzan Senzen, which is said to be a thousands, Nagase struggles with honest sales that can not lie well ...!?
A new hero is born, who can completely mess up the other side of the real estate agency.
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