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◆ There is a privilege ◆ Jeweld's country (volume 1-12 new edition)

◆ There is a privilege ◆ Jeweld's country (volume 1-12 new edition)

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タグ SF アニメ化 ファンタジー 亜人 侵略 市川春子 戦い 未来 漫画 特典付 講談社 青年漫画
The future far from now. The creatures on the ground sink into the sea and are eaten by the minute creatures on the seabed and become inorganic matter.
An existence like a jewel life form crystallized over a long period of time was born.

The 28 people with the body of the jewel were assigned to their respective posts, such as combat and medical treatment, in order to prepare for the Tsukijin who attacked them to make them into accessories.
Phos, who wants to fight the Tsukijin but has not been given any role, is asked to compile a natural history by Mr. Kongo, who is in charge of the jewels.
A story of fighting jewels drawn by the most beautiful talent in the manga world.

[Benefits] 2 types of double-sided bookmarks with hologram specifications limited to dot com for all volumes of manga
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