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World Trigger Official Data Book BORDER BRIEFING FILE

World Trigger Official Data Book BORDER BRIEFING FILE

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タグ アニメ化 少年漫画 漫画 葦原大介 集英社
Official databook BORDER BRIEFING FILE appeared !!
A large amount of data from Daisuke Ashihara -sensei is posted !!
Includes data of more than 130 members!
Full of data from members that can only be read here !!
Eight items of parameters & family structure & equipment triggers are released !!
* Some characters are hidden.
Question Box DX -sensei answered 303 questions about DX work !!
Beautiful color illustration gallery of the highlight !!
Included special reading "Elite elite Jin" !!
Dr. Ashihara -sensei posted eight "data graphs you want to know" !!
Daisuke Ashihara's first interview in the overseas version "SHONEN JUMP" !!
Reader rank battle result announcement Complete version !!
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