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[Children] Japanese History Detective Conan Volume 12 Volumes (with makeup case)

[Children] Japanese History Detective Conan Volume 12 Volumes (with makeup case)

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タグ 児童書 学習まんが 小学館 山岸栄一 探偵 斎藤むねお 日本史 歴史 青山剛昌
[12 book set contents]
1 Jomon period primitive world adventurer (Time Drifter)
2 Yayoi period Queen (Little Queen)
3 Asuka period Gentiles in fog (Stranger)
4 Giant statue of the Nara era (monument)
5 Heian period 二 十 十 十 単 単 単 単 単 単 単 単 単 単 単 単 単 単 単 単
6. Kamakura era Gotjo Ohashi Buddy (Destiny)
7 Muromachi period suspected flower stage (curtain call)
8 Akane -colored castle (Katastrophe) in the Warring States period
9 Hakkacho -cho of the Edo period phantom (Megalo Police)
10 Bakumatsu Dark Dark Compass (Compass)
11 Machine Machine Machine Machine Machine Monument (Memorial)
12 Cotton hat at the Showa era burnt mark (dandelion)


Can a boy and girl who was skipped to the past era return to the present with the help of Detective Conan!?

It is the most compact series of 12 volumes in the most popular history learning manga.
It is easy to read with easy -to -use paper, and it is very easy to read, so you can challenge the history of Japan at the same time as entering elementary school.
It is a content that can be completed in one volume for each era, but it is a more fun story to read through 12 volumes.
There are plenty of column pages, and as you enjoy reading it, you will be more and more familiar with the facts of history!
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