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Flame-no-noh exterminator (volume 1-34) +Original storage BOX set

Flame-no-noh exterminator (volume 1-34) +Original storage BOX set

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タグ バトル ファンタジー 収納ボックス付きセット 大久保篤 完結 少年漫画 漫画 講談社
Manga Full College Dot Com Limited Full Color Design!
"Flame -no -no -exterminating squad" storage box set with storage BOX!
* BOX can store 1 to 30 volumes.

All humanity was scared.
A “human fire phenomenon” that suddenly begins to burse and become a flame monster, Flame Vito, and do as much destruction as possible.
The special fire brigade that confronts the fear of flames is to elucidate the mystery of the phenomena and save mankind!
For a certain reason, Shinra, a new member, called the "devil", aims to be a "hero" and puts himself in the day of the battle with "Flame Vito" with his friends !!
Burning battle fantasy starts !!
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