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Mezon Ichikoku [New Edition] (1-15 volumes)

Mezon Ichikoku [New Edition] (1-15 volumes)

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タグ アニメ化 ドラマ化 ラブコメ 切ない 完結 小学館 漫画 青年漫画 高橋留美子
A love story centered on Yusako Gyokyo, a resident of an old apartment named "Ichikikan" in the town of "Clock Saka", and a young surgeon, Kyuko Otonashi, who came as a manager.
Out of common sense, the woven romance of Yukosako Otonashi, a beautiful man, a beautiful manager who combines the nature and the seriousness of the late husband, who is a poor young man who is struggling than others, and the reality of the innate insensitivity and the manipulative to the deceased husband. Set in the Onburo apartment "Ichikikan", it is drawn in a small and comical development of Takahashi's unique rhythmic and comical development.
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