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[Light novel] The case was slime when reincarnated (20 books in total)

[Light novel] The case was slime when reincarnated (20 books in total)

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タグ アニメ化 ファンタジー マイクロマガジン社 ライトノベル 伏瀬 怪物 映画化 漫画 転生
Satoru Mikami, who had lived a life without anything, was stabbed by a street demon and ended in his 37 -year life.
When he suddenly notices, he can't hear his ears.
In such a situation, I notice that I have been reincarnated with that "slime".
Satoru Mikami enjoyed the easy slime life while feeling dissatisfied with being the most famous monster. The fate starts to move significantly by meeting the natural disaster -class monster "Storm Dragon Verdora".
I had Verdora named "Limuru" and started a new different world life as a slime, I was involved in the struggle between the Goblin and the Fang Wolf, and someday to reign as the main monsters.
"Predators" who take the opponent's abilities and "great sages" who know the reason of the world, The strongest slime legend is now starting with two unique skills!
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