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[Light novel] 86 -Ayi Six- (11 books in total)

[Light novel] 86 -Ayi Six- (11 books in total)

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タグ I-IV KADOKAWA/角川書店 しらび アニメ化 ライトノベル 安里アサト 戦争 漫画
Republic of Sun Magnolia. Every day, the neighboring country was invaded by the unmanned weapon of the Imperial Empire. However, in response to the attack, the Republic of the country succeeded in developing the same type of weapon and rejected the threat without barely sacrificing. Yeah, ostensibly.
It wasn't that no one was dead. Out of all 85 parcels in the Republic. << “86th ward” ”that does not exist. There, boys and girls who were branded as "Aityics" continued to fight day and night. Shin, a boy who leads the young people heading to the dead, and Rena, a girl who has become a "commander (handler)" who conducts them in special communication from far behind.
The story of the two people starts with a fierce and sad battle.
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