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Attack on Titan (Volume 1-34) +Original storage BOX set

Attack on Titan (Volume 1-34) +Original storage BOX set

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タグ このマンガがすごい! アニメ化 収納ボックス付きセット 少年漫画 怖い 怪物 戦い 漫画 異世界 発行部数1億部以上 諫山創 講談社
Manga Full College Dot Com Limited Full Color Design!
"Attack on Titan" This is a set with a full volume BOX!

A world where giants dominate everything. Humanity, which turned into a giant, built a huge wall and prevented invasion in exchange for freedom outside the wall.
However, the famous peace collapses with the emergence of a giant across the wall, and the battle of despair begins.
Humanism challenges the giant to peel off his limbs and become a bait !!
Birth of super great action !!
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