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Slam dunk 10 days after that [Complete version]

Slam dunk 10 days after that [Complete version]

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タグ バスケット フラワー 井上雄彦 国民的作品 外伝 完全版 完全版/愛蔵版 少年漫画 映画化 漫画 熱血 青春
December 3, 2022! Finally, the movie "THE FIRST SLAM DUNK" is released!

"Slam Dunk 100 Million Books Thanksgiving Memorial / Final Event" was held for three days at the former Kanagawa Prefectural Misaki High School in December 2004
This is a photo book that fully records the 23 blackboard manga "10 days after that-" drawn there.
In the summer of the same year, a series of activities began with a Slam Dunk book that surpassed 100 million books (cumulative domestic cumulative), and began with the attempt by the author, Yuhiko Inoue, trying to convey a message to each reader.
It also includes many newspaper advertisements and website visuals up to the final event.
At that time, this work has been legendary among fans, as it has been eight years since the end of the series, and it was a very limited release of three days.
In response to many requests, we will deliver it in a large -sized book style that can be enjoyed as a manga with the venue.
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