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The Tale of the Emperor Rainbow in the heavens [Bunko version] (Volume 1-11 Volume)

The Tale of the Emperor Rainbow in the heavens [Bunko version] (Volume 1-11 Volume)

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タグ ロマン 完結 少女漫画 恋愛 歴史 漫画 講談社 里中満智子
New Millennium (Millennium) History Drama Romance Roman Roman
Emperor Yomi, the emperor, has achieved numerous historical feats, such as the enactment of Ritsuryo and the compilation of the Nihon Shoki. The Dynasty Romantic Masterpiece, which dramatically draws the life of love and distress, is revived in Millennium!
The dawn of Japan (Reimeiiki), ancient Yamato. In 645, when the state situation was turbulent, the Princess Uono (later Emperor Ueno) was born. With the renovation of the Daika, the father of Sanyo, the middle -aged father, who regained his power from the royal family to the Emperor's family, has finally eliminated political enemies and has finally become a substantial power.
With the life of his father, Sanjin will be married to Prince Omi, the younger brother, Omi Miko, without erasing his love for Prince Arima. On the other hand, a ruthless fate awaited Arima, who was sparse by the middle big brother. The relentless and domineering father's rebellion makes Saito decide to live in love for the Oceans. The story of Emperor Join, a woman who lived strongly, in love, life, and life. Large history romance spelled by Tomoko Satonaka
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