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Dragon Ball (1-34 volumes) [Complete version]

Dragon Ball (1-34 volumes) [Complete version]

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タグ 30巻以上 アニメ化 国民的作品 完全版 完全版/愛蔵版 完結 少年漫画 戦い 映画化 漫画 第2次ジャンプ黄金期(1990年代前半) 集英社 鳥山明
Dragon balls can call "Shenlon", which can fulfill only one wish if you collect seven. In various adventurous stories involved, the story begins when a young boy, Son Goku, who lives in the mountains, meets a girl, bloomer from the west city in search of a dragon ball!
Permanent preservation and complete version of the legendary work "DRAGON BALL" with fans around the world!
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