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80's anime secret story that can still be talked about (1 volume in total)

80's anime secret story that can still be talked about (1 volume in total)

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タグ オトナアニメ編集部 未設定 洋泉社 漫画 青年漫画

Publisher: Yosenha
Author: Adult Anime Editorial Department
Size: 148mm x 210mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Youth manga, manga
Latest publication date: 2012-09-27

[Animeter dialogue]
● Tsutaka Kikuchi x Hiroki Takagi x Masahiko Itoshima
・ Illustration drawn by Tsutaka Kikuchi "Magical Star Magical Emi"
・ Illustration drawn by Hiroki Takagi "Magical Angel Cymimami"
・ Illustration drawn by Masahiko Itoshima "Magical Fairy Persian"

● Osamu Kamijo x Chiharu Sato
・ Shu Kamijo drawn illustration "Magical Princess Minky Momo"
・ Illustration drawn by Chiharu Sato "Magical Princess Minky Momo"

● Watanabehiro x Nobuyoshi Hahara
・ Illustration drawn by Hiroshi Wata "Magical Princess Minky Momo"
・ Illustration drawn by Nobuyoshi Hahara "Machine Robo Chronos Great Counterattack"

● Haruhiko Miki x Narumi Kakinouchi
・ Illustration drawn by Haruhiko Miki "Megazone 23"
・ Illustration drawn by Narumi Kakinouchi "Miuya Obugi"

● Mitsumi Inomata x Atsuko Ishida
・ Illustration drawn by Mitsumi Inomata "Genme Senki Leda"
・ Illustration drawn by Atsuko Ishida "Genmu Senki Leda"

[Special dialogue "Piero Magical Girl Series"]
● Yuji Nunokawa x Akemi Takada
・ Illustration drawn by Akimi Takada "Magical Angel Cymimami"

● Takashi Anno x Yoshiyuki Kishi
・ Illustration drawn by Yoshiyuki Kishi "Magical Star Magical Emi"

To the anime heroine, "Moe started 80s

OVA (Original Video Animation), which was produced for girls, including "Piero Magical Girl Series", including "Magical Angel Cymimami", without tie -ups for toys, etc. to users. In the 1980s, when a variety of works were produced according to needs, male fans were obsessed with the heroine of anime, as if chasing real idols. What exactly, "what was the charm of the 80's heroine that leads to moe? At that time, the testimony of the animators who worked on the original paintings of these works, exploring the reasons!

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