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【ドラゴン】1/35 WW.II ドイツ軍 Sd.Kfz.250/1 ノイ 装甲兵員輸送車 マジックトラック付属 プレミアムエディション ※輸入品の為、パッケージ不良による返品・交換不可


[2023年11月発売予定][申込期間:2023年11月10日迄]【ドラゴン】1/35 WW.II ドイツ軍 Sd.Kfz.250/1 ノイ 装甲兵員輸送車 マジックトラック付属 プレミアムエディション ※輸入品の為、パッケージ不良による返品・交換不可[予約]

[2023年11月発売予定][申込期間:2023年11月10日迄]【ドラゴン】1/35 WW.II ドイツ軍 Sd.Kfz.250/1 ノイ 装甲兵員輸送車 マジックトラック付属 プレミアムエディション ※輸入品の為、パッケージ不良による返品・交換不可[予約]

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■ Product description
● On 1/35, the German army half truck of World War II reproduces SD.kfz.250/1 Noi
● The track uses an assembled magic truck
● Set GEN2 parts such as machine guns and equipment
● The engine will be reproduced and the scenes will expand.
● The hood to be attached to the upper part of the car body is also a part

● Premium specification equipped with abundant accessory parts

About the actual car
The SD.kfz.250 armored troops developed by the German army of World War II, which emphasized mobility, based on a 1 -ton -half truck.
Production began in 1941, and from 1943, improvements in improving productivity by changing the shape of the armor plate and reducing the number.
The new model is called "Noi" or B type, which means the new model in German, and more than 2300 cars were produced.
Nei (B type) is equipped with a Mabach inline 6 -cylinder gasoline engine on the engine. The maximum speed is 60km/h/h. Equipped with a 7.92mm machine gun MG34 or MG42 as an weapon.
The crew was able to accommodate four soldiers with two people. SD.kfz.250/1 is a basic type, and various variations such as self -propelled gun type are born by taking advantage of its mobility. He played an active part through the war.

About the model
The model reproduced the 1/35 scale SD.kfz.250/1, a half -truck armored soldier transported by the German army during World War II.
The body is modeled on a type called Noi (NEN: new), which has been changed to a simple shape. The finish is about 13cm and accurately reproduces the body design of a flat composition.
This kit adopts the assembled magic truck for a track part that realizes the foot circumference of the half -truck.
In addition, the indicator pole for checking the vehicle is set with metal parts. Rifles, machine guns, hand throwing bullets, rice boxes and water bottles are set with delicate expressions with a reputation for military fans.
We will expand the charm of modeling and scenes full of atmosphere. The lower part of the body is an integrated part using a slide mold.
Set one suspension arm with separate parts at a time. In addition, the engine is also modeled under the bonnet.
The basic type of the 250 series is an indispensable one for modeling during the war. The engine is also modeled under the hood.
The basic type of the 250 series is an indispensable one for modeling during the war.

■ Product specifications
Manufacturer: Dragon
Part number: DR6476MT
Scale: 1/35

JAN code: 89195864765

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