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[書籍]きょうから始めるコロナワクチン解毒17の方法 打ってしまったワクチンから逃げきる完全ガイド


A complete guide to escape from the vaccine that has been hit from today's Corona vaccine detoxification 17

A complete guide to escape from the vaccine that has been hit from today's Corona vaccine detoxification 17

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タグ 一般書籍 井上正康 医療 方丈社

Publisher: Honjo -sha
Author: Masayasu Inoue
Size: 128mm x 188mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: General books
Latest release date: 2023-11-30

With Yasufumi Murakami, an emeritus professor of Tokyo University of Science, an immunological expert
Pharmaceutical Epidemiology has been fought with Japanese drug problems
Included a dialogue with Masanori Fukushima Kyoto University Emeritus Professor Emeritus!

Most of the Japanese were inaccessible, taking advantage of the new Corona Pan Demic, without strict safety verification.
As a result, the government and the media are neglected or ignored, despite severe side effects and death cases.

And now, the development of a "replicon vaccine" that has improved the conventional MRNA vaccine is being developed, and inoculation of Japanese people is about to begin.
The replicon vaccine is that the active ingredient is self -proliferated in the body, so the amount of vaccination is small, and "a large amount of vaccines can be produced in a short period of time".
It has been promoted that it has the effects such as "immunity for a long time" and "reducing side reactions". It is Masayasu Inoue who sounds a warning bell.

It is not known what mutations will occur during the self -growth process, and may cause autoimmune disease. The MRNA vaccine so far is
Although spiked protein continues to produce, self -proliferating replication vaccine proliferates the gene, so once it begins to proliferate, it cannot be stopped.
Furthermore, as with viruses, vaccination may be infected with others. This can cause more serious situations than MRNA vaccines.

This book explains the mechanism of the replicon vaccine, pointing out the dangers, and clarifies how it has an adverse effect on the health and the future of Japanese people.
In addition, incorporating catechins and turmeric how to reduce the "toxicity" of Corona vaccine, which is said to have ended 80 % of Japanese people.
We will develop the theme of how we can do it, mainly eating habits, and detox.

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