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A dashing housekeeper (Volume 1 whole volume)

A dashing housekeeper (Volume 1 whole volume)

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タグ 双葉社 女性漫画 小池田マヤ 未設定 漫画

Publisher: Futabasha
Author: Maya Kimaya
Size: 148mm x 210mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Female manga, manga
Latest release date: 2015-10-17

The only S rank housekeeper at the Housekeeper Association is Odagiri. This time, the village was entrusted with a rookie education for a young and cute girl.
Sato will teach you some tips and techniques that can improve your housework. In addition, another house is a mother -in -law of dementia and a bride. The village gets into the dense atmosphere!

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