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Acrylic Charm / Arthur Pencilgon <TV anime "Shangri -La Frontier">

Acrylic Charm / Arthur Pencilgon <TV anime "Shangri -La Frontier">

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タグ manga10 original アクリルチャーム シャングリラ・フロンティア

◆ Size: Approximately H48mm
◆ Material: With acrylic and crab hook

The character of the TV anime "Shangri -La Frontier" appears as a cute acrylic charm!
The same series (San Lak, Saiga -0, Arthur Pencilgon, Oikazuzuo, Emul, Vice Ah).

Publisher: Torico
© Rina Kunrina, Ryosuke Fuji, Kodansha / "Shangri -La Frontier" Production Committee / MBS

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