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Adult six laws

Adult six laws

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タグ アトム法律事務所 クロスメディア・パブリッシング 一般書籍 岡野武志 法律

Publisher: Cross Media Publishing
Author: Takeshi Okano, Atom Law Office
Size: 128mm x 188mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: General books
Latest release date: 2023-09-25

More than 1.5 million youTube registration.
Carefully selected, mainly for over 1 million labeled videos !!
The six laws that I want to have in one book.

POINT1 YouTube carefully explains videos that were popular in short videos
POINT2 Cerrums legal issues from the world of anime and games to schools and workplaces
Point3 Even if you are not interested in the law at all, it will be fun to enjoy

Is it a crime if you apply lemon to another person's fried chicken? Is it a crime if you write your name in Death Note? Answer all familiar questions and unreasonable questions.

We are not unrelated to the law as long as we are alive. Even what we do casually in everyday life may actually be touching the law.
At first glance, this book answers a seemingly stupid question to make such a law closer. You can learn the legal knowledge that tends to be firm while laughing casually!
The "Adult Rokushi" will be an essential education in a world where compliance has become stricter.
It is a six -law that you can enjoy both "adult" and "children" that you want to have one book in the family.

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