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Agari rate 5%increase what is out

Agari rate 5%increase what is out

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タグ 一般書籍 小林剛 竹内隆之 竹書房 麻雀

Publisher: Takeshobo
Author: Tsuyoshi Kobayashi, Takayuki Takeuchi
Size: 128mm x 188mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: General books
The latest release date: 2020-03-05

The important thing in mahjong is to learn how to aggregate.
And just before Agari, it is necessary to understand "what will come to Aga".
In particular, the waiting is often complicated, and it is directly linked to Agari to learn the tips for waiting.
Even if you make a hand tile, you overlook the last waiting tile, or if you receive it narrowly, it will be ruined.
Especially the search for waiting tiles at the time of the tempai at the menzhenite is a enemy for all mahjong hits, and many people, including me, are struggling.
Many people like Honitsu Chinitsu, but everyone is not good at waiting.

This book is a book of "multi -sided" book that struggles from beginners to advanced users.
If you read this book, you will be able to respond in most cases waiting for multiple faces.
Please increase the Agari rate and increase the winning rate.

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